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The Aerodrome Hotel Croydon

For reservation call 0208 680 1999 - 0208 710 9000 The Aerodrome Hotel has been extensively refurbished and offers tremendous value for money, for all visitors and especially if you are planning to have your wedding reception here, now officially a hallmark hotel the Aerodrome Hotel name is still outside.
The Aerodrome Hotel, built in 1928, has a glamorous aviation history. Guests today enjoy superb modern amenities, excellent food, free parking and access to local health clubs.

Hotel Security Services

Hotel security services

Security is one of the most important aspects considered by guests visiting an hotel, restaurant or a lounge. Hotels can be used for relaxation, recreation, business meetings and other activities. Guests would like to carry out their activities in undisrupted environments and hence prefer hotels where there is appropriate security. Hotel security services help in ensuring proper security measures are taken and help in preventing security breaches.

Moderate london security guards services use manpower to enforce security within the hotel. In modern hotels, sophisticated security measures using modern technology gadgets are employed to provide maximum London security guards. They have a security command and control room where all the security activities are monitored. The head of security can effectively monitor the security of a whole resort from the control room, by harmonizing various security gadgets and personnel to come up with a comprehensive security structure. The control room normally has large monitors showing deferent places reflected by the CCTV cameras installed. There are incidences where hotel business meeting rooms have been robbed by people pretending to be guests, stealing laptops, electronics and credit cards of the guests. In modern control rooms, the activities running in the meeting chambers can be monitored to ensure secure running. The head of security can mobilize various security teams to seize robbers or to prevent crimes from the room. They can also light laser beams to block the way of escaping thugs or close gates to prevent vehicle escape. The security teams in the control rooms can open fire exits in cases of bombings and extreme attacks to help rescue the guests. The can also mobilize the police and fire fighters to back up in security.

CCTV cameras should be installed in lobby areas and corridors. There should also be full camera coverage of goods reception areas, entrances and exits. Modern hotels use electronic door, finger print and eye detectors to prevent unauthorized access. There are electrified walls and perimeter security gadgets that back up security. Integrated alarm systems can be automatically triggered by security breaches depending on the settings.

There are companies that specifically offer hotel security services on hire. They could be hired permanently or on need be basis when there are security demands in hotels. Such services provide security men and organized security teams to oversee the hotel security. They take full responsibility of security breaches and undertake all precautionary measures needed for appropriate security. Most hire security services are professional and do not compromise the security since they specialize on security only.