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The Aerodrome Hotel Croydon

For reservation call 0208 680 1999 - 0208 710 9000 The Aerodrome Hotel has been extensively refurbished and offers tremendous value for money, for all visitors and especially if you are planning to have your wedding reception here, now officially a hallmark hotel the Aerodrome Hotel name is still outside.
The Aerodrome Hotel, built in 1928, has a glamorous aviation history. Guests today enjoy superb modern amenities, excellent food, free parking and access to local health clubs.

Hotel Security Measures

Hotels are normally built for refreshment purposes for travelers, residents, business people and the general public and hence security measures are not a major priority for most hotel owners. However, there are a variety of situations that call for security provisions in hotels. For instance, a hotel can be a target site by terrorists either to attack a target regular person or a specific group or a base to carry out their missions. There is a need to protect customers who from being targeted by thieves or even assassins as they relax in a hotel. Various hotel security measures are put in place depending on the size of the hotel and its vulnerability.

Most hotels use security men with metal detection gadgets to curb the possibility of bombs or unauthorized guns getting their way into the hotel. They inspect the customers and their luggage at the entrances as a proactive security precaution. Other hotels have automated scanners that detect any hard metals as people get into hotels and sound signals to the security teams. These measures help in controlling the risk of attacks, armed assault, terrorism, assassination or armed robbery in the hotels, which is unlike the requirement for an Luton security service .

A common security provision in most mid-class hotels is the use of security men within the hotel. Such men spot any cases of people breaching the hotel or other disruptions and enforce peace by throwing such people out or by controlling arguments. Such men are useful in cases where hotel restaurants serve beer or intoxicants, to help in controlling the actions or drunken people.

Modern hotels employ the use of automated hotel security measures by using CCTV surveillance cameras. There is a security control room where security teams watch over the events running within the hotel and spot any instances or security breaches. One advantage of CCTV cameras is that there are less security men needed, giving customers ideal privacy. The cameras can control a large area, since they can show many locations on a single monitor at the same time unlike security men who will only see some incidences. Security cameras are placed at weird corners where no one suspects and hence the unsuspecting thieves or terrorists are easily caught. Rotating cameras are placed strategically covering a big portion of the hotel Hotels also liaise with police and fire departments for easy security backup accessibility. Other hotels have a specialist security department that specifically undertakes security precautions and invents updated security schemes. Lounging guests are given entrance cards and they sign in indicating the belongings they came with to prevent theft.